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^^^ You've made valid points. What I'm saying is, if it's natural to the individual's body, the learning phase would be far easier and the end result should be far better. Kind of like learning a language. In this case, the body is learning a new language that doesn't seem natural to it.

It's one thing to put in all the effort in the world, and have it come out great at the end. But it's another thing if you put in the effort, only to have it wreck your arm, and the end result is mediocre at best.

It's kind of like asking a 1hander to learn the 2hander, and vice versa. Are there benefits to either stroke? I have a 1hander, for a time I had to use the 2hander because I just didn't have the upperbody strength to use a 1hander as a kid. Never had a reliable 2hander, and ended up slicing more than anything. Hit the gym, grew a little, went back to my 1hander and it just clicked.
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