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i definitely agree with your main premise from before. if something is greatly impeding one from executing a certain variation of a stroke, then for sure the person shouldn't stray too far from what makes you comfortable. i guess i was saying it doesn't hurt to see if the grass is greener as long as it doesnt hamper anything, and just because you start with one thing because it feels more natural at first, you don't have to limit yourself to that one thing.

i was in a situation similar to what you're describing though. this wasn't a case of straight arm vs doublebend (that came after high school), but just a case of forcing one grip style over the other. my coach in high school made me switch from a full western to a continental forehand cold turkey in my senior year, yeah that's about a 170 degree difference. i learned some stuff while holding the racquet like jmac, trying similar spin as my old fh, but it was definitely a case of not the most effective way of the body learning something new. it hindered my game and results showed. a natural/gradual transition would have been better, which is what ended up happening instead (full to strong eastern)

edit: in retrospect i think that's why the transition from double bend to straight arm was easy for me since it wasn't a huge change. i was already hitting in front with a strong-eastern by the time i wanted to try it. it was just a matter of positioning becoming more loose.

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