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Default Stats for 1987 French Open Final(Lendl-Wilander)

Lendl d Wilander 75, 62, 36, 76(3)

my stats
Lendl served at 51%(65 of 128 )
He won 51 of 65 pts on 1st serve(78%)
and 32 of 63 on 2nd(51%)
6 aces, 1 df
drew 18 return errors(1 was a 2nd serve)
of the return errors Wilander made 10 were fh, 8 were bh
6-9 on break points(Wilander made 1st serves on 3 of them)

Wilander served at 55%(74 of 135)
He won 48 of 74 pts on 1st serve(65%)
and 32 of 61 on 2nd(52%)
3 aces, 3 df'd
drew 26 return errors(9 were 2nd serves)
of the return errors Lendl made 17 were fh, 9 were bh
4-10 on break points(Lendl made 1st serves on 4 of them)

Lendl had 59 non service winners: 23 fh, 10 bh, 11 fhv, 8 bhv, 7 ov
Wilander had 29: 4 fh, 9 bh, 2 fhv, 11 bhv, 3 ov

net stats
Lendl 45-62(73%)
Wilander 40-62(65%)

despite the incredibly long and grueling rallies in this match(1st set had several of 50 shots or more according to commentators) I think the match was ultimately decided by net approaches. The winner of every set was the player who came to net more in that set. Lendl's net approaches dropped way down in the 3rd set, which he lost. He got them back up in the 4th. The tiebreak was an impressive way to end it, he started off with winners on 3 of the first 4 points to go up 4-0 & hit a great bh pass to go up 5-2.

NBC's stats after 2 sets
Lendl 39 winners, 24 unforced errors
Wilander 13 winners, 14 unforced errors

Bud Collins said that Lendl & Nystrom had a 100 ball rally earlier in the tournament

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