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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
great clip. what caught my attention is that Federer does a complete shoulder turn while hitting an open stance fh. i think if you want to play like the pros, that would be a good habit to emulate
Yep, an amazing clip that clearly shows quite a few important items.
You can see how close Fed brings his hand to the ball dragging the racket.

At that point you can see how his hand is right there at the T in Cincinnati &
as he pulls strongly across, his hand moves all the way well past the "i" in
Cincinnati for contact. You can even see how the ball TS is not right over the
top, but has a side aspect to the spin due to the up and across the ball

Imo what is easy to miss in slow mo like this, is how fast the hand is moving
across at this point. One indication is how little the ball travels during this
time. Even though the ball is moving quickly, it seems almost to sit still,
even more obvious in the vid before with more of a side view.
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