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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
the subconscious mind is a lot smarter than all the wisdom explained in words in this thread... whenever the conscious mind try to explain the subconscious, it seems always fall short.

that's why mr. wegner's teaching method may have some merit..... but any attempt to apply universally is ridiculous.

the brain knows what muscle to contract, based on a player's intent to hit a bent or straight FH, as well as applying compression to the ball (therefore no matter how loose you start, the grip has to tighten at impact).

yanking may work for some, but may not for others... that's the bottom line.

the assumption that yanking is universally true, or universally false, and the debates with either premise, are all equally ridiculous.

The brain only knows this if taught properly. Some may learn this on their own, some may not. Most cases its taught by a coach. How you teach it, the methods use, well I guess is what we are debating.
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