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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
I'll go out on a limb and offer up: spent too much time in his juniors/formative days blasting serves and FHs. His BH wasn't very magical when he showed up on tour. Only because so-so (and that's probably overly nice) late in his career.

A lot of guys would be better volleyers if they came in on better approaches. I can't believe some of the shots they come in on.
You got it. When Rodick first came on the tour, he had probably the worst FH volley I have even seen for an ATP pro. He was using a SW FH grip and it was a stinker of a shot. He had no idea how or when to approach and once he got their, his volley was horrible. To be fair, he got much better as he got older. He improved his slice BH approach and both his FH and BH volleys a great deal over his career. But, still not his A game to go to net.
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