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Originally Posted by ssgator80 View Post
Funny - you calling him a certified pusher. What makes him a pusher? I thought it was only a winning strategy. I guess because it worked on you. LOL
Doesn't matter what we call him if he wins. I still maintain I'm a spin doctor. I'm going to have trouble with the lil lobber until my wrist heals.

Originally Posted by dgoran View Post
What rating do you guys consider yourself gator and mikeler? Someone once told me that one cannot consider themselves 5.0 if cannot beat pusher every single time. Do you consider this to be true?
I was told by my ex coach that true 5.0 and higher lick their cops at pushers. Its easy peasy.
ssgator80 almost got up to #1 in the 4.5s statewide. The lil lobber I think made it to #1 probably 10 years ago. Pushers exist at all levels.
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