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Default detail questions

Thanks for the input so far. I have few question related to test.
1. Regarding the test racket, do I need to bring in a racket with string on it? (so they can test me on cut out string, remove/replace bumpguard/grommet, increase hand/grip synthtic replacement)
2. String used. In the material, it said 19.6 feet syn gut for main, which force tester to bring in 16x? pattern. I don't think any 3 years old 18x? can use 19.6 as main.
Cross is natural gut and need pre stretching. Anyone can give a good youtube video or description? I read the material and not so sure it is easy to follow.
I assume this will be provided. right?

I read through the whole preparation document yesterday. Great read and fun. It addressed a lot of problems/issues have been discussed in this forum. I really enjoyed the weight/swing weight/balance section and get a good understanding of it.
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