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Originally Posted by ten11 View Post
Thanks for the input so far. I have few question related to test.
1. Regarding the test racket, do I need to bring in a racket with string on it? (so they can test me on cut out string, remove/replace bumpguard/grommet, increase hand/grip synthtic replacement)
2. String used. In the material, it said 19.6 feet syn gut for main, which force tester to bring in 16x? pattern. I don't think any 3 years old 18x? can use 19.6 as main.
Cross is natural gut and need pre stretching. Anyone can give a good youtube video or description? I read the material and not so sure it is easy to follow.
I assume this will be provided. right?

I read through the whole preparation document yesterday. Great read and fun. It addressed a lot of problems/issues have been discussed in this forum. I really enjoyed the weight/swing weight/balance section and get a good understanding of it.
19.5' of syn gut should be long enough for an 18 main pattern. syn gut stretches alot during stringing so 19.5' likely stretches out to be longer than 20' by the time you're done stringing. if it's not quite long enough, you should be able to use a starting clamp+scrap string as a bridge to get it done.
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