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for some racquets with grommets that go in easily, i can see doing it in 20 min, but i've replaced grommets that require heating/softening w/ a heat gun before it can be stretched and pulled onto the frame.
I have replaced grommet/bump guard for radical mp(prestige cap), pt280, pure/aero drive, TF 320 and mg extreme mp. I had trouble with the cap in the beginning when I try to force it and mushroomed it.(~25-30min.) Last one I did a month ago was easy and perfect.(~10 min.) The key is patience.
TT member has been crying about babolat but I found it is quite easy in both cases(pure/aero drive). Again, patience. (~10 min.)
Head mg extreme mp is the easiest of all. fun to put on.(< 10 min.) TF got a bit trouble but in 15 min.
In all cases, I never used any method to heat/soften the bump guard. YUlite's video explains all and will work.

Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
19.5' of syn gut should be long enough for an 18 main pattern. syn gut stretches alot during stringing so 19.5' likely stretches out to be longer than 20' by the time you're done stringing. if it's not quite long enough, you should be able to use a starting clamp+scrap string as a bridge to get it done.
I will not try that. I always used 21 feet for 18x20, even for 95 sq in. PSL. IMHO, it is not worth it to challenge myself for one more thing. (What if the syn gut is not that stretchy?!)
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