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Hi everyone
My 7 year old son who has big tennis dreams ( like many kids his age) has flat feet. Will it be impossible for him to reach a high level in tennis or could it be corrected? If any of you have experience with this issue, I would greatly appreciate feedback before I take him to a podiatrist!

From what I've gathered (google), some say jumping rope at this age can help to create an arch and ortho inserts could correct it since the bones haven't fully ossified ..
Thanks in advance!
Start him or her on the jumprope about 3 days a week for now about 300 to 500 twirls each time depending how good they are at skipping or lower it down to 100 to 300 twirls per workout , also start them on lite weight lifting to prevent injures in the future , best to you but skipping rope is the best to lighten the feet .
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