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Originally Posted by yonexRx32 View Post
Do you think the tennis crowd at large would want to play with an 84 sq inch racket? When I show up with my rackets even old timers wonder at the size. I tell them that it plays much bigger but they still shake their heads.
I imagine that the same question was asked before the re-production of the original Wilson PS (85 sq. in.). It has a loyal following and, although I don't know the numbers, seems to be a demand for it and the repros are doing quite well. Of course, I wouldn't say this about just any old "vintage" racquet, but certain ones could follow suit like the POG, 200G, etc.

BTW... yesterday I placed my Max 200G over top of a modern midsize Head racquet and was shocked that there really didn't seem to be much of an appreciable difference in head size. I was expecting the difference to be black and white, but it wasn't. When you hold a Max 200G up at a distance they do look small. I think this is partially due to the "chunky" frame of the Max 200G. Also, when I play with my Max 200G I hit no more "framed shots" than with my Babolat PD2012 (100 sq. in.) and I'm certainly not a pro .

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