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In reference for the 99, just to clarify so we're on the same page, Mark is the only one who refers to it as a '330 something' SW, and I think the confusion comes from him not being specific. I assume he just meant in the general sense of it being around 330, because as you mentioned the SW on the 99 is 328.

The other testers in that video refer to the SW as added SW (from the previous model) and higher swing weight, which again, doesn't specify that it's in the 330s. All of the testers are referring to the SW of the racquets they played with, which had an average SW as you mention for the 99, of 328. I apologize about any confusion!

As far as specs in general, we spec multiple racquets on the Babolat RDC machine here at the Warehouse, to make sure we get accurate specs. As far as accuracy goes, there is no guesswork by players - it is all done by the RDC machine and that is what gets put on our site. We wish to provide our customers with the most accurate information possible to assist in their purchases.

Again, I apologize for any confusion.

Siobhan, TW
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