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Originally Posted by Dgdavid View Post
maybe he was telling you to buy the case because you were rubbish with it and he wants to win more
i agree the benefit on flat shots is definitely a pleasant surprise.
He is a heavy heavy topspin hitter with an APD frame and pushed me around and I just play defense until he goes for too much and makes a mistake. I beat him 8 out of 10 times we play with this style of play....but it is because I know him and how to play him.......he is also my doubles partner and we both know I need more aggressive and confident ground strokes to get competitive at 4.5. This set we played I was on the baseline taking balls on the rise from his topspin and giving them back with greater angles. He was usually caught wrong-footed because he is not used to them coming back quickly from my side. Normally I am 5 feet back playing retriever with minimal pace going back. When we play doubles though is where I expect to see the biggest impact for my game.....again to help me get from the back court to the net as quickly as possible with the right approach shot, especially on a second serve return. I can attack that return with spin and and angle (I play ad) then follow in behind. We played 3 sets of a league match after the set of singles and it felt great.

I will say that the one adjustment I had to make was to have confidence to hit the ball deeper. They were dropping to short in the court with my normal swing from the spin, but the adjustment was not long as the confidence was high. I have tried a dozen frames and nothing has ever removed a Yonex from my hands for a match.....but the Steam S has done that!

Oh, the other thing I hated and many of the play testers mentioned they might consider hybriding the demo was a hybrid and it was a horrible combination. After the first set of doubles the mains were not snapping back every time and needed adjustment after almost every point. I hope and expect that to be better with a full be a poly.
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