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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
It's a grow up, learning moment for Stephens.

I think she expected Serena would go easy on her because they are friends or friendly.

Sloane has faced louder and more frequent "come on's" in her "face" by Maria Sharapova and others and I don't recall her ever commenting on them.

Watching her pow wow with her coach, it was just obvious that Sloane didn't listen to a word he said about strategy. She was fuming over Serena saying "come on" literally maybe once or twice at that point in the match (end of first set)

I realize there are lots of people who criticize Serena for whatever she does (and let other players get away with more and worse)...I am sure Serena is used to it and doesn't let it bother her one bit.

One bit of caution for Sloane though, she doesn't want to get on Serena's **** list and end up getting Maria Sharapova'd from here on out.

As for the clip, Sloane complained about the "come on's" after the end of the first set well before the "come on" in the clip which happened toward the end of the 2nd set.

Sloane comes off very amateurish and juvenile with these remarks to her coach and then loudly commenting again on court about "disrespectful"

Sloane only made herself look bad.
I have no issue with what Serena did. It's Sloane's issue and she should focus on herself and use it as an opportunity to grow and establish her own identity . . . it's about your personality and don't let the opponent impact what you do and what you focus on and Sloane let Serena do that but, again, Serena has so much more experience than Sloane so hopefully Sloane uses it to learn. As the commentator said, she needed to figure out how to break Serena's serve at 5-3 instead of worrying about Serena's behavior.
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