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Orthotic inserts may be way to go if he starts developing issues, which he may over time with lots of jumping type movements. If you need to go the orthotic route, make sure you go to a knowledgeable sports podiatrist preferable at a Sports Medicine group. Otherwise any podiatrist will try to get you in orthotics and they affect alignment so it is important you see the best. They make an everyday version and a sports version which holds up much better and is double the price but worth it for athletes. Warning, most insurance, even good PPOs don't cover the cost. Regular ones run 600-700 and the sport version can run $1000-1200. They are made out of material that lasts forever and stand up to sports activities. If you can hold off till feet are full grown that is obviously best, they last for years and years. Asiics, New Balance and Reebok are wider shoes with good support and may be more comfortable for him than Nike which traditionally are narrow with a steep arch support. But he will be fine with his tennis and his flat feet, good luck!
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