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I prefer a racquet that's sort of heavy and also rather head-light. The overall heft gives me a feeling of having "enough" stability, especially around the net or against harder hitters. That heft is usually more manageable for me if that racquet has 9-10 points HL balance for better maneuverability.

Lead on the handle tunes the balance easily enough, but if I get that right and still don't have the amount of stability in the hoop that I want, I also prefer 3/9 o'clock lead placement more than putting it up at the top (12 o'clock). Just a little bit of lead tape in the 3/9 layout seems to go a good long way toward promoting that extra plow-through when I need it. Your mileage may certainly vary, but the good news is that it's just tape. If it doesn't work right for you, it's no biggie to peel it off and start over.
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