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Originally Posted by BlackSilver View Post
Pathetic this FIFA Ballon d'Or cerimony. Should change it Real Madrid/Barcelona glorification cerimony
Nah it's just the we-recognize-the-fact-that-Messi-isn't-human ceremony.

Come on mate, 91 goals in a single year! That's absurd!


Who told you that?
I read it somewhere. I'm sure it's further.

Are you from Sao Paulo? I will be moving there in August, can you tell me about the city?

Originally Posted by Peters View Post
Well...he is the best player in the world over the last year or so. And the few years before that..

I'm no fan of Barcelona, but even I have to admit it couldn't in all seriousness go to anyone else.

He's one of a kind. And he'll only stop winning Ballon d'Or if his form drops (or gets injured) and/or another player has a better year than him.
He truly is special isn't he? I mean, I'm no Barcelona fan either, but Messi is just something else, watching him at top form is just breathtaking. His control at pace is not of this planet. The scariest thing is that he's still two years from hitting his prime. And I like Messi as a person too, he's humble and in this day and age, it's impressive to see such a player commit to being a one-club-man for his entire career. Class.
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