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Geez, that sounds like my previous hitting partner who's supposed to be a college level player but tries to play 100% all the time. For a while it was good practice hitting against a fast hitter again as I was only playing pushers for a while but then his game started going down the toilet. It gets annoying watching the guy attempt to hit a DTL winner on the dead run with a 80-90% UE/failure rate. He doesn't know when to defend or how to play within his limits and lately it doesn't even feel like tennis with this guy.

Anyways, 100%/self destructive tennis isn't the way, try practicing at 70-80%. Getting regular practice with pushers/defenders/retrievers/slice&dice players, etc., will help improve your consistency & point construction, IMO.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
If you come out and hit that hard, you give away the match. I'd just slice you and save my energy and watch the UE's pile up personally..
^^Haha, that works. I did just that the last time I played the guy I mentioned - hit him a bunch of BH slices & he couldn't really do anything against it. He gets ****ed off & complains about it. lol.

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