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Originally Posted by President View Post
Gasquet's strokes wouldn't even be possible with wooden racquets though. He has played a heavy topspin grinding game way behind the baseline for years now. His strokes are incredibly wristy and have a lot of action on them both forehand and backhand. With a wooden racquet that is shank city.
I understand. I don't think present conditions are what Gasquet really wants though. I think the grinding, 20-feet-behind-the-baseline style that Gasquet has adopted comes from having to adapt to slow conditions, not because he wants to play that way.

There's a reason people in and around the game firsthand give Gasquet more credit than the keyboard jockeys around here do. They've observed his talent and attempts to adapt for several years. I think it was on the eve of the AO in 2011 when Djokovic said that he thought Gasquet was the most talented player of his generation. I think Djokovic is mistaken, but it speaks volumes about the amount of talent Gasquet has that Djokovic could draw that conclusion.
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