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Originally Posted by newyorkstadium View Post
Final question. Do you have an idea at what tension strings start losing power? Or an estimate range? Say 10-40lbs.
Strings have lower energy return at lower tensions. If you go to the String Performance Database on TWU you will see this is so. Click in the brand, string=all, reference tension = all, swing speed = fast, energy return. Sort by brand, string, reference tension, and swing speed. You will see that for each string, usually there is less energy return as you go from 62, to 50 to 40 pounds.

However, that does not mean less ball speed. Most of the loss in power is due to energy loss in the ball when it is crushed. The less you crush the ball, the less energy you lose, more than enough to make up for the loss in the strings. So it is a tradeoff. But at some point they will equalize and string energy loss will dominate. I have no idea where that occurs however.
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