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Originally Posted by ten11 View Post
After reading through the requirement, seems the stringing/grommet replacing/grip size enlarge are all set. I know what it is and what need to be done. just need to practice a little bit more.

Regarding written test, is that all covered in the materials? (The pdf and the supplement.) Do I need to memorize all those things? Just want to check how much time I need to prepare for the test.

For those of you have take the test, did you pass in first try? which part give you problem? What to watch for? Thanks a lot.
I didn't look at the PDF that was listed but I did not do any studying for the written test and I felt like it was pretty passable by anyone who's had a decent understanding of stringing and equipment. There were some parts about string properties that were a little tough but you do have some room for error as I think that over an 80% is a pass.

If you have any questions about any information feel free to ask. I need to refresh on some of it myself before I take it in April anyways.
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