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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
In addition to what others have posted above you're falling backward off the majority of your forehands - even short ones you should be on-top of. See these two pics - which are typical of most in the video.

On your backhand slice you step or veer away from all of them. Again - most of these you should be positioned better and, ideally, leaning into.

Additionally - re: the way you hit - all those shots of your partners which go out >> hit them. If they're in the air >> hit them. You're wasting all those opportunities to practice launching the racquet head/hitting on the rise etc.
I know what you mean! I watched the video and tried to stay forward the next time I played. I think it's better, but I'm going to still work on it.

For the backhand slice, I agree about the positioning. I usually step to the side because I find it gives me more sidespin, but it does lose power sometimes.

Thanks for the comment!
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