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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
Thanks for posting the vid. I enjoyed it, but would like it a lot more if you put the camera a little lower (but still centered behind you) to capture the whole court, so we can see ball trajectory and how effective your shots are.

I can't offer any critiques or technical recommendations, just a few observations. On the whole, your strokes/shots look good to me (fluid and you make good contact ... around 4.0 level? ... just guessing), but not as consistent as they might be. Your serve looks fluid, but it looks like you're foot faulting a lot. Some good approaches and volleys, imo.

I think you have a fairly nice game now with the potential to make it a lot better.

Post more vids.
Thanks for the comments! I'm going to change the angle the next time I film, as I got a few complaints about the angle. I'm not sure if I'm a 4.0, or better or worse, as I'm Canadian and we don't have the NTRP system here.
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