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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
Gold 99 - Comfort and feel of a VERY flexible and soft players racket (kind of rubbery IMO) with the power, forgiveness, and huge sweet spot of a tweener. I'm used to higher weight & SW frames but this one felt a little slow to bring around for some reason on groundstrokes. The balance/weight distribution during the swing & feel on contact are not for me, but if you like super flexible and soft feeling frames, this one is for you! It actually felt great on serves, it swung easy, had great feel on contact, good power & spin. Strung with Babolat PHT mains / Addiction crosses.
Perhaps it needs some weight in the tail to make it come around quicker, did that with my Tours. You found it very flexible and soft. I am wondering, I like my Tours strung in the high 30s, wouldn't the resulting soft stringbed to some extent negate the softness of the frame? I mean, wouldn't the strings flex before the frame does?
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