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Originally Posted by ChadW View Post
I know this is an old review, so I'm resurrecting it here.

This racquet is on closeout now, and I can't help but think it's well worth the $70/stick. Are there better technologies in the newer Gammas that are worth paying for?

I'm currently hitting with a Head Youtek Speed MP 16x19, and think this would be an improvement in the control/feel category.

The Tour 330X is also out there, is it better?

Gamma heads, what do you think?
The 330X is the better racquet ...... I've just ordered one and picked up several T7's a week or so ago .....These two Gamma offerings are as good as anything on the market, if you've got decent strokes...... I've been away from Gamma for three or so years, but IMO, except for the Kneissl Black Star they beat anything else I've used in that period.
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