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Lendl served at 51%(65 of 128 )
He won 51 of 65 pts on 1st serve(78%)
and 32 of 63 on 2nd(51%)
6 aces, 1 df

Wilander served at 55%(74 of 135)
He won 48 of 74 pts on 1st serve(65%)
and 32 of 61 on 2nd(52%)
3 aces, 3 df'd

I have this match on DVD. I use it when my sleep aid pills are out.
Moose, it looks to me that Lendl's first serve was a real weapon, while Mat's was not. Lendl got twice the aces, with little risk of either dfs, or of Mats taking control on second serve with his return . When Lendl got his first in, he won 12% more of the points than Mats did on his first serve.

While Wilander got the return in play, it wasn't deep enough to keep the Czeck from gaining control with the big forehand. Wilander just did not have a big weapon like that. He had more pressure on himself earlier in the rallies.
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