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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
Assuming the UE counts on RG site are fine, no ..

his AM was 30.8% in that match ..
I checked the Murray match at Wimbledon, Nadal was up at 44.6%, Murray at 19.8%.

Is that the one you meant?

Originally Posted by TheFifthSet View Post
i have a feeling the federer-tomic match at last years AO would register rather high up there.
Federer 24.0%, Tomic 5.9%.

The UE were not too different (Fed 28, Tomic 32), but Federer had a massive lead in winners.

Originally Posted by RoddickAce View Post
Ah, I see thanks for the clarification! For point 1, I was under the impression that this was just used to measure all players across the board, but I guess you also took into consideration the consistency of Fed/Nadal specifically.

And for point two I thought you meant % of aggressive points won as in aggressive points divided by total points won by the specific player, rather than divided by the total points in the match, so that's why there's that confusion there too (ie. not adding up to 100% for Isner and Nadal's points won).

But ya, thanks for going through the analysis and answering my post! Too often my posts on this forum get overshadowed because the OP is too busy defending against troll posts LOL!
Ok no prob.

Yeah, that's one reason I prefer posting in this sub-forum even when mostly talking about current players (but at some point in this thread hopefully we can talk more about former players' stats).
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