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Originally Posted by Bubbagumptennis View Post
So If I were to just lower my takeback on my forehand and swing up, it would help a lot?
Let's break it down like this, for the sake of argument: the preparation phase and the swing phase.

Prep phase: racket back (usually back and HIGH), weight on back foot. At the end of the prep phase, PLACE the racket back and LOW.

Swing phase: Shift your weight forward to your front foot. From the back and low position of the racquet, thrust forwards and upwards. Finish high.

You DO NOT start swinging from the high/back position. PLACE the racket first into back/low THEN you accelerate forward/high. What you're doing take your racket back/high then immediately swing. Sometimes you swing forward/high, sometimes you swing forward/low and end high.
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