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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
Thanks yonexRx32!

no worries it's a Hammer 2.7 I got for $5 at a garage sale so not a biggie. I'm planning using poly 17 ga at 30-35 lbs. So it shouldn't stress the hoop a ton.

Probably 16 x 15 and I'll be judicious with the strings I skip, so it looks like it will be as even in stress as possible

Just a couple of thoughts.

I have floating clamps but swivel clamps would probably be easier to use for this type of job.

Because the string bed is sparse, the overall string bed tension will be significantly lower than when you string normally. You will feel a lot more pocketing as the ball sinks deeper in the bed. You will also lose control. Check a posting by ChicagoJack on what happens when a ball strikes the string bed.

I think you can safely go up to 50 lbs or even more if you keep the symmetry of the string bed. I don't know what pattern the Hammer is, but I would try to keep the symmetry of the string bed. If it's 16x18 you may want to go even nr x even nr. To be extra safe you can string with two pieces, and start the cross portion from the center. You shouldn't have too much trouble.
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