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Originally Posted by TheBoom View Post
Hey guys! I am looking for some advise on a new racket to purchase. My current racket choice is a mix of my Pure Drive Roddick GT (2009) and my Yonex RDIS 200. Now some pros and cons on both: The pure drive is my favorite of the two I love the power it has, the spin and how it doesnt really get pushed around when hitting against heavy hitters, however it has bugged my elbow and shoulder in the past (probably a combination of my form and the racket) and it at times has a little too much power to it. Now the RDIS I thought would be the perfect replacement for the pure drive with similar specs other than the stiffness however I don't feel as complete with it, I don't know how to explain it exactly but when playing with it then switching to the pure drive I immediately can tell that my playing is better with the pure drive, it is a good racket and I play well with it but I can tell that the pure drive works better for me than the RDIS does.
Now about me: I am 6'7", 195lbs, I use a semi western grip, 2 handed backhand, My best shot is my forehand and volleys with my backhand being a weakness, my serve while powerful is streaky at times so it is somewhere in the middle.

I was looking at different rackets that could suit me and here is the list I came up with:
Head Extreme Pro 2.0
Head Radical Pro
Babolat Pure Drive 2012 (if it really is softer?)
Wilson Juice 100
Wilson Blade 98 16x19

If anyone has feedback id greatly appreciate it thank you
forget the Juice and PD if you have any arm issues...

the remaining 3 are similar and you will have to demo to see which you prefer.
you seem to like power and all 3 of those have lots of pop. The Rad Pro is VERY flexy and has a high swingweight. I would try the Ex Pro and Blade 98 1st. Both excellent choices.
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