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Janowicz is definitely one to watch at Oz this year. Looking for strong showings from Tsonga and Ferrer also.

Oz is great, the only slam that you can expect a low-ranked or no-name player to catch heat and end up in the round of 32. Don't know why that is.


PP, Dgoran, or anyone with a blade handy!

Just want to confirm I'm not hearing things. A light tap around the top half of the hoop with your finger nail might reveal a higher pitch at 10&2 o'clock. At least on mine it does.

Could this mean the weight is placed mainly at 10&2 on the hoop? For such a light frame to have such a hefty swingweight, there has to be a significant amount of grams in the hoop.

PP, I've never met a bass player without great ears, test it out, drummers are known for being tone-def.
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