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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
update - signing him up for a winter program at local club... 1 hour/wk.

a question -

I didn't pay much attention in the beginning so he started hitting 2 handed from the right side (like a 2hbh for a leftie)... but he is right handed.

what do I do?
Hi luvforty...Glad my book, Tennis Mastery, has been helpful. Yes, getting kids comfortable with the continental grip for all the stroke associated with that grip (high level strokes), the serve, the volley, the two-handed backhand, and overhead, will save a great deal of time and frustration for your son as he progresses...and will help him reach his potential.

Regarding the two-handed backhand on the forehand side, try teaching him the conventional two-handed forehand as described in my book...(Bartoli, Seles, Peng etc pros using it), Since he is comfortable using two hands on this side, just move his dominant hand down to the conventional forhand position and move his left hand up to the upper position. (Be wary of my recommendations of what to avoid and look for when using the two handed stroke with the cross-handed grip. Make sure they wrists don't cross over on the backswing. keep the elbows wide apart.)

Also, if you haven't already, try looking at my 8 part article on called, "Training an 8-year old" where I document the actual training of my daughter using all the methods, drills and progressions of her becoming a high level player within a year. These are the same progressions that I've used to train hundreds of ranked and highly skilled junior players over the years. Since your son is 8, you might enjoy actually seeing how an 8-year old GIRL masters the volley, slice and hybrid serves, and groundstrokes and overhead in a very short period of time.

Best of luck to your son! And, others have offeres some helpful information here too!
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