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Eh, just heading for the airport tomorrow morning, for a layover of 7 hours in Atlanta airport, then home.
Funny thing about that baseball throw. Almost anyone can throw over 100', including girls who don't throw anything except fits and tantrums.
Most guys throw well over 175', even if they don't play ball for high school.
But very few can get airtime up to around 330', including pro players and of course, LeeD. I never came close.
RobertoClemente is known for having the longest in the air throws in baseball, from around 370 to pitcher's mound in the air. But that is NOT his farthest throws, because his farthest throws would be much higher up in angle, and no coach would allow the ball to spend that much down time floating thru airspace, when a lower throw goes faster and can be to a cutoff man, who can add even more speed to the overall travel.
Outfielder's are taught to throw only about 25 degree upwards for distance, while long distance thrower often heave it up around 45 degrees for greater hangtime, but much slower travel speeds.
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