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I am going to the tournament over spring break The night of Saturday March 9th through Monday March 12th and I have the option of 2 sessions.

The sessions I have to choose from are The March 9th Night session through the March 11th day Session. I was thinking of doing a night session and a general admissions day session one day and was wondering if anybody had any input as to what the general admissions lets you into. The website says that it lets you into one section in the grand stands and access to general admission sections of the outside courts. I was wondering what the outside courts were exactly and how that works and what peoples' experiences were at this tournament.

Any advice would be appreciated! Plane tickets have been purchased and this is my first Indian Wells tournament to go to! Thanks!

General admission is the best feature at Indian Wells. You can see all the players practice from real close distance, just like watching someone play at your local park. It gets crowded when top players are practicing. In fact they have displays showing practice times of various players. Fed/Nadal practice on the courts with bleachers and they get full at least an hour in advance. With the general admission ticket you can go to all the courts except the stadium court. The stadium court is huge and and unless you buy tickets for the lower or mid section you don't really get a good view. The top 4 will play only in the stadium court. You can watch all others play with your general admission ticket. They have very good doubles matches on smaller courts. Don't miss those.

We generally buy 2 day sessions and 1 evening session. Buy your day sessions early they tend to sell out couple weeks in advance. Have fun!

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