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Originally Posted by yonexRx32 View Post
I actually measured it, it is 84 sq inch. The reason it looks bigger is that the frame is thick, as you mention. I compared it to a 93 sq inch Prince Diablo and it is clearly smaller.
Originally Posted by corners View Post
The swingweight of about 355 is the primary reason the sweet zone feels so big. PS 85 is about 330. If you've ever slapped 8 grams of lead onto a stick at 12 o'clock you know what increasing swingweight by 25 units does to the sweetspot and feel.

The low - about 45 flex - is also a factor in how the frame feels compared to stiffer (PS: 65 flex) sticks.
Yep... regardless of sq. in., there is certainly a reason that the 200G racked up so many wins on tour with many pros back in the day. That same reason keeps it quite popular today (like the Wilson PS85). Used 200Gs still command quite a price. For example, a decent condition 200G will easily run you $100 + shipping on 3bay these days. In comparison, a Yonex R-22 (also a very popular and winning stick of the same era) will only fetch $35-50 in the same condition. I'd love to re-introduce the original 200G .

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