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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
i don't find CAPs to be hard to install. i haven't had much trouble with babolat grommets either. try replacing the PT280 grommets with YT radical MP grommets. this one took time, elbow grease and the heat gun w/ plenty of curse words in between to get the bumper guard holes lined up w/ the drilled holes in the racquet. i think it was the tongue lashing i gave the bumper guard that was the most effective.
That screwed cap was the first two I did. Since then I learnt to use my patience and took a deep breath if I stuck. used those words in first two jobs and actually those words did not do any magic.
I will keep in mind of putting regular onto PT280. I have bunch(7) of those rackets now and quite happy with the cap, but you never know.
Thanks for the advise.
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