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Originally Posted by yonexRx32 View Post
.. and a used 200G pro would cost you $200. But if you had the choice, would you still make it 84 sq in or would you try to increase the size (90, 93, 95) to appeal to both the old guard and a broader public? The 500i, which is 95 sq in is quite a different beast, with different frame profile and different material.

As a side note, I compared the 200G pro and the PS 85 new version, side by side for an hour or so. In the past, I was a fan of the PS 85, having played with a similar racket for over ten years. However, compared to the 200G pro, it now felt underpowered and unstable. The dunlop felt better in many ways.
Nope. I'd keep it 100% original. Of course, I'd want to reproduce the "200G Pro" as well.
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