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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
You know the top dogs are all hoping Janowicz is far, far away from their section of the draw. Just a total wild card who, if he's on, can take the match right out of anyone's racquet no matter how good he is. He hit one winner so hard against Baker last night that Baker at first shook his head and said, 'No no, that wasn't in," then saw the mark and realized it was an inch or two inside the line. Of course, JJ could also buckle in the first round. But he's definitely the No. 1 guy I want to see play in the early rounds, to see how he handles himself. Him and Dimitrov, who looks like he's making a move.

This football game is getting ugly quick.
JJ looked really nasty at the end of last year. And Dimitrov looked really good vs Murray. Thought he outplayed him, but just lost a bit of his mojo a few times. Was really dictating. If he can clean up 5 - 6 errors/match he'll be top10 soon. Love AO time.

What are the fav PSblx90 setups - those who play or have played it? I played it with Sensation or some multi today - felt ok but not sharp. strings were moving all over. But it was my first hit with it in quite sometime. Split with my practice partner 6-3, 3-5 today straight outta the block. He has gotten the better of me but I have closed the gap recently.
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