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Default When do you know...?

When does one know that it's time to switch frames?

I've been playing with YT Rad Pros for ~6 months now. Like most people on this forum, I've played with a number of frames over the years, but the primary three that I've stuck with over the past three years has been (ignoring all short-term frames):

BLX 6.1 95 --> customized LM Radical MP --> customized YT Radical Pro

The BLX 6.1s were fairly heavy stock, so I didn't customize them much at all. I left that frame, because I couldn't get over how drastically different each of my three frames felt (Wilson QC). I stumbled on LM Rads... Used them stock briefly, then added weight because they felt too light. Liked the plow through and precision of those, but I'm pretty certain that I ended up with too much silicone in the handle and it essentially became a hammer - awesome plow and all, but not exactly a spin frame.

The plan was for the YT Rad pro to come and and clear all of that up. Provide enough mass for stability and plow, while having an open pattern for spin access, and being a little lighter (after customization). For a while, I was diggin it, but after (an extensive honeymoon phase), It just doesn't feel right. I don't have an issue with heavy frames normally, but this one is just too sluggish it seems. Spin access is great, however it doesn't seem like this frame flattens out well. 16x19 may be too open for a 100 sqi frame.

There are other minor issues with it that I've noticed, but I'm at a cross road. I've used this frame for ~6 months, and I'm neither completely satisfied nor completely dissatisfied with the stick. It's conceivable that I could pick out a better frame on a whim on TW. However, I don't know at what point I should decide to cut my losses. Given the number of frames in general that I've been through over the years, I'm not looking to get into demo'ing all over again. It's a hassle, and doesn't promote growth of ones game. I'm ready to settle down with a frame for a few years, just not sure if its this one... To an extent, I could build my game around this frame and probably have good enough success with it as a 4.0-5.0 player.

In general though, when do you all call it quits on a frame?
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