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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
McEnroe will all depend on what we mean by "greatest" college tennis player. Do we mean "greatest" as in "best", i.e., the best tennis player (based on all their results, college and non-college and overall skill level) to ever step foot on a college tennis court, or the "greatest" based based solely on what he acheived in college - titles (singles, doubles and team), dominant seasons, overall record, etc. The thread seems to be trending towards the latter.
ye, the title suggests the former but the thread is clearly trending in the opposite direction.

I wonder if this has anything to do with that well known american tendency to look inward? (ie, The 'World Series' featuring teams from one country etc etc)

Obviously, McEnroe is the 'Greatest College Tennis Player of All Time' (GCTOAT), but should it be limited to people that actually graduate? Or just guys who knew they were never going to make it on the Tour so stayed in College to be the big kid in the small sandbox for a while?
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