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Hey, thanks, LeeD

I didn't know that. That's interesting and makes sense. If you're 5,7 or 5,8 I can't imagine how you can strike the ball to bounce up and hit the fence before it drops.

Today I took out a hopper and tried to discover the serve stroke. I'm starting to see where I can get more power in this stroke. Flat serve, no matter how hard I struck it, wouldn't bounce up and perceivably out of opponent's hitting zone though. But hopefully it got enough pace to zip them by. Interestingly, one time in the midst of trying for more topspin, I hit a really crazy topspin that bounced clearly above the opponent's head if he was standing on the baseline, but sadly I wasn't conscious of the grip and the swingpath I was using. I couldn't replicate it afterward

Who's got better serve, Djokovic or Federer?
I'm 5'8" and a half. I can hit a serve into back fence 2 ft high pretty easily. And at times even up to 3 ft up. Down the middle T of course.
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