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Originally Posted by DCaicedo View Post
Here's a pic taken about a year ago:

Added in 2012:
Vapor 9s: Oz, FO, Madrid (2), Basel
CB 4.3s: Oz, FO, Rome, USO (2)
Vapor 8: Wimbledon
Vapor 3s (!)
BF2K11s: Oz (2)
BF2K12s: USO (2)
ID: BF2K11 blacked out
Oscillates: 5 (best shoe ever, really)

I think that's it lol
All my size too! I want! haha
I have about 20+ pairs of tennis shoes. Overall...over 100 probably. I can't pass up good sales. Especially on tennis shoes. Recently I found volt/white ballistecs from the 12 us open for 60$. Did I need them? No. But I got them anyway haha
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