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I can see NickC's point. Everyone knows pretty much every international caliber cyclist the last 2 decades up until "maybe" a few years ago, was doped up to the eyeballs. Thus Lance was beating the rest doing what they were all doing. What annoyed me the most about him was that before his doping allegations some Americans tried to tout him the best cyclists, which he clearly was not even had he been as clean as apple pie. So for that reason alone I am glad he was singled out for doping, as he is now viewed even by Americans as not even a top 10 cyclist all time, which IMO would be the correct rating for him all along, IMO the late 90s until the end of the Armstrong/Contador reign several years ago produced NO all time great cyclists, just alot of doping and no legendary battle hardened figures who can hold a candle to some of the past icons. Relatively speaking Lance was a one trick pony who only excelled at one event (Tour de France), and yes it is probably the biggest of all but past greats excelled and dominated year round. He also was reliant on having probably the deepest team in cycling history (full of heavy dopers of course) supporting him to all those wins. When he comes back and finds he isnt the top dog on his team, he goes into a huff as we saw, and cant cope (the year he came back and Contador dominated).
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