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I bought and tried the 200G for several months. Overall I liked it. I did not love it. For me the Pro 1 97 is a more powerful racquet. Not saying the 200G is low powered. But the Pro 1 is a cannon while the 200G is a high powered rifle. The 200G did offer slightly more control. The feel, cosmetics and specs of the 200G are all good. I have not tried the 200 lite. I did have a Prestige S for quite some time and tried to make that one work but the gut/poly set up did not work well at all. then i tried it with full multi, then gave up. A teaching pro I know who uses a OHBH is lethal with a Rebel 95. There are a couple Yonex offerings that may fit the bill 95D, 98D, XI 98. A lot of the playtesters loved the Slazenger Pro Braided...... Jack you've pretty much tried all these racquets and decided against most. You didn't like the Pro 1 before because it felt sluggish. why would that change?
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