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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
I wasn't impressed with the IG version of the Speed MP as it was still not as solid compared to the PSTGT so if the IG is actually better than the Graphenne one, I will pass.

I do like the paint job update to the racquet but hopefully they make it more solid compared to the IG Speed MP.
Well that was the opinion of the person who took it out. They told me that the weight distribution in the new Speed is different than the IG.. more weight in the head to make it more solid and give it more plow through. Just hearing what Head did to improve the racquet makes me interested... I don't know why the person prefers the old IG to the new one if they make it a goal to solidify the feeling of the racquet and make it more stable. Maybe he liked how whippy the old IG felt?

PS I think we should keep our hopes up because the static weight and SW have both increased therefore it must mean a much more stable and solid feel. On another note I took out the Blades for a hit and I found that the 18/20 is the one I prefer more, but I just don't know if its a racquet I would switch to. I think I want to test the Speed and then compare the two.

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