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Kevin -

Oh man, that's super cool! There is a Pro One 97 club here : Lots of good info, feedback, commentary on string selection etc... Feel free to contribute!

It's awesome that you got one in good shape. FYI the Donnay lettering at 3 and 9 in the silver metallic paint chips rather easily. (My one big complaint) It's not going to chip just sitting in the bag, but I know you are going to have to dig out some low volleys at some point, and it's such a clean, minimalist design that every little chip and scrape really shows up because there is no where to hide. Just know going into the relationship she will acquire a little, how shall I say.. Willie Nelson's Beat Up Guitar type flavor, ha ha.

The P1 is highly string sensitive. I've tried just about everything but Gut/Poly really works nicely. (And that's what I had in my racquet that you really liked) Most of us have found that the The Pro One has a lot of pop, the spinny-ness of that combo really helps me to swing away with less fear of hitting long. A full bed of gut or a premium multi in this super comfy, solid core frame, is just sublime. Just so effing sweet, but creates a much flatter ball. I had some success with a full bed of Dunlop Black Widow 18, which is one of the more comfy polys on the market, but man I could not volley at all with that. I've figured out that textured poly just sucks at the net. The ball just gets stuck in there, and when the string bed has finally unravelled my opponents spin I have no idea where its going when it finally slushes out. The gut poly gives me all the spin of the textured stuff and I always know where the ball is going at net. So much better it's amazing.

(Off-Topic) By the way, which Oak Brook are you playing, The Oak Brook Racquet and Fitness Club in Westmont? or the Oakbrook Park District Courts just east of the mall on Forest Gate? If its the PD courts I might see you there. Was thinking about signing up for the drop in doubles tomoro night.

Yep, I'll be at the Oak Brook PD for the drop-in dubs so I'll prob see you there. I'm playing and teaching earlier in the afternoon so hopefully I'll have some gas left in the tank
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