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Any old racquet collectors here? I am doing an english report on racquet collections and could really use an interview with a collector. just a few questions about your collection
1) When did you start collecting?

I bought 4 1940's Australian made racquets about 10 years ago and these sat around for 4-5 years. Then I was introduced to e*** at the same time decided to learn more about tennis in Australia. To my shock the history of tennis was confined to great players and nothing was available about the industry that thrived here. So was born. This now includes a mass of valuable history from player results singles all tournaments men / women from inception to 2004, links to old player video clips, Australian made racquets, unusual racquets and so we have developed a group TENNIS HERITAGE AUSTRALIA (like UK & USA have) and meet in Melbourne and Sydney regularly. Other states don't yet have the start up person wishing to co-ordinate.

2) Why did you choose to collect racquets?
Basically because they display so well on a wall, like a painting or artwork. My collection comprises more unusual designs so people often have never seen the gambit of 1890's-1920's-1930's and the crazy 1980's designs.... see the website for some of these.

3) How many racquets do you have and/or how much is your collection worth? I don't just collect racquets but other bits and pieces as well and one day these will be featured in a lovely lit glass display case. I have only about 160 racquets and that's about my max....almost reached a one in one out policy (management (wife) dictates policy). Value is as others have said luck of the draw as who wants to buy at the time you want to sell. I think that there are more collectors now than 10 years ago...I think certain models are bringing more money than 10 years ago...but I think the secret is to trade your way into a low cost collection. You can find all manner of $5 racquets at markets, op shops etc which do sell on **** for $60-$200 so a tidy profit all round to fund some other pieces. My hope is that when my custodianship is complete it will deliver a nice trip somewhere overseas. Objective to sell while I am alive and not wait for the kids to give it away. hopefully 25 years from now....

4) What is your favorite or most valuable racquet and why?
No real favourite; it's a group thing I am most excited to have acquired.

5) Is there any racquet that you wish to add to your collection and why?
Of course as you read the bible Siegfried Kueblers book of TENNIS RACKETS there are many models you would love to find. I guess I still just love the feeling of finding an odd ball racquet and then counting myself lucky that none of the dudes, who are also posting here, haven't spotted it as well online and you get it for a good price.

6) Who are favorite tennis players and why?
For on court play and super strength at the net Rod Laver and Pat Cash. For modern play and breaking up the back court game Pat Rafter. For current players Roger Federer for having an all round game. Tomic is like Pat Rafter for being able to upset players with crazy pace delivery but needs to get his head right before I would say a favourite....hopefully he will end up like Hewitt and achieve some warm public feeling

If you have anything else to add about your collection i would greatly appreciate it.

Look up facebook "australian tennis history" as well as the website.

Thank you.

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