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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
...Currently, it has some full poly in the high 50s I would say, plays very boardy and low-powered. Any suggested string setups to open up the sweetspot and add more power? Maybe a full multi.? Or a hybrid?
The PSLGT is an old school type racquet and needs old school type strings.

If you are not a chronic string breaker I would definitely put in a set of VS Touch at around 55 lbs or 25kg. You may be able to go lower. Watch the racquet come to life and play like a dream. You get much more power without sacrificing control. With gut you don't have to worry about your strings dying and can play for months with a responsive stringbed.

If that is too expensive, I would put in a full set of a quality multi, like TF NRG2 or Bab's XCel Premium. Problem is that they die over time and have to be cut out and replaced. This is why gut is better and actually more economical to those who are not chronic string breakers.

I break strings like it was my job, so I can't use gut or a premium multi. I recently found a string that offers good performance at a low cost and has impressive durability: Prince Premier Attack.

Anyway, you will have to ditch the poly strings unless you use a high quality one at lower tensions and restring it like every 6-8 hours of play. Think of the PSLGT as a modern ProStaff 85. It needs gut or gut-like strings to play its best.
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