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Default Played some points

Finally got back on the court today after a lost weekend. Played 3 sets of doubles and had a chance to use each for about 8 games.

Donnay Pro One - If I had to play a season right now, this would be the choice. Getting used to the Xenecore and how the ball feels on the stringbed. I still have a tendency to swing too fast at times with this, however it feels the most natural out of the 3 remaining options.
Serving - No change from my current set up, stepped right out and was hitting at about 85% without issue and had good control. I normally don't knock people off the court with my serve, I rely on getting it deep in the box and being consistent and varying placement.
Groundstrokes - Getting used to the backhand and drove a couple of them, but mostly stuck with the slice with varying degrees of success.
Volleys - I couldn't volley with anything tonight....
Returns - Good returns, had decent depth and I like to be aggressive with it and they were staying in the court. Always a good sign.
Result - On the championship!

Technifibre T-Flash 315 - I really liked this the other day, however when I changed to it in the match it didn't work out. I was framing serves and just couldn't find the sweetspot most times.
Groundstrokes Ok - but nothing like I was hoping. I'm not sure if it was just the change from the Donnay, however today we just didn't mesh.
Serves No bueno. Basically hit quite a few DF's in my 2 service games with the 315 and just never found my rhythm. Mostly I was catching the frame, understandable since it's wider.
ReturnsNot much better for me, and this was a set we won..
Result Confused - might have to start off with it and see if there's any change with how it plays.

Babolat PDRGT Night and day this time around, maybe I was used to the wider beam having used the Speedflex prior or could be this is just a good option. The PD was one of my final choices last time I shopped 4-5 years ago.
Groundstrokes Didn't get to rip many forehands but it was nice to have the wider beam in a couple of rallies, the stiffness helps when you mishit or hit a bit late. A couple down the line return winners on the backhand was a nice plus, even if I wasn't aiming there. Still a little hollow feeling to me.
Serves We were going to get killed in the 3rd set so I just mostly let loose a bit. Serves had some extra pop and stayed deep. When I framed it, they were ugly. Hit a couple quasi-kickers while messing around as well. I think this could be a fun one.
Returns Took some cuts (see the groundstrokes part) and mostly was able to return with direction and pace. When I overswing or am too aggressive however, the ball is hitting the back wall. It's a launching pad for sure.
Result I need to give this a longer look for sure. Final two once again, this time with the Pro One.

Hoping to do a drill tomorrow so should get some additional feedback and hopefully make a decision by the time I have to send them back on Wednesday.
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